Supplier Features and Pricing 

This page is all about you and what you get for your dollar. Below outlines basic features and functions. 

Buying Organisations

Contact us for pricing, ERP connection options and full detail on our e-procurement application features.  

Unlimited Quoting & Tendering

With a buyer registration you can continually submit pricing and detail to any open RFx without being an approved supplier.  
You do not need to be on any approved or preferred supplier list to quote.   

Business Directory Listing

Your registration with any buyer automatically lists your business in the directory and is then connected to the buyer accounts.

Pre-Qualification & Compliance

Registration with any buyer provides pre-qual access to respond to a published pre-qual event and manage ongoing compliance to the buyer requirements.  Automated notification of due documents and expiring compliance.

Register with 3 buyers - access all  

If you register with 3 buyers with annual subscription or maintain over 1000 paid days then you have access to all buyers using the system. Open quoting and access to all buyer requirements. 

Unlimited Users - All Levels

One subscription provides unlimited users and user levels.
Customisable user levels with admin to manage system access and features.   

$255.50 (incl)

For an annual registration with each selected Buyer, with additional 1 month extra free.

Take advantage of our 30% discount (usual price $365.00 inc).

Annual subscription with 365 days also provides full access to resource center.

Any single registration day, with any buyer, lists you on our business directory. 

Sign up is free, click buttons below to sign up, have a look around and check out our help center for more information. 

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Enhanced Supplier Visibility & Advertising

Providing suppliers with unprecedented opportunities to engage organisations for new business

Unrestricted Quoting & Tendering

You do not need to be a preferred or current supplier with a buying organisation to submit your pricing and detail. 

Quotes to Purchase Orders

Your RFQ submissions connect directly to decision makers and the buyer's ERP. Buyer converts quote to PO. 

Contract Price Management

Manage contract pricing and detail easily with price change requests (PCR) online.

Open Purchase Order Management

Online management of open purchase orders. Single location for all order status and communication. 

Catalogue Listing

Add searchable catalogue items to business directory. 
Full item detail and images for your products and services. 
Buyer interface searches your catalogues and you can be invited to quote.  

Promotional & Business Documents

Special offers automatically advertised by uploading documents into Special Offers section. Profile detail includes uploading of numerous company documents providing buyers with a detailed profile.

Your Business Advertising

Business Directory advertising is free with any paid registration. Connecting your business to buyer requirements. Providing suppliers with unprecedented access to buyers and the buyer with unlimited options for requirements. 

Qualification and Compliance

Supplier profile detail includes basic pre-qualification detail for buyers to assess your capabilities. A registration also allows you to submit to any pre-qualification requests and manage all ongoing compliance with buyers. 

Your Business Connected

Your account is linked to buyers requirements and paid registered days provides full access to submit RFQ's and tenders.  

You will be notified when any buyer lists a requirement that you sell.

Track and manage purchase orders.
Create and manage price contracts. 
Submit PCR on contract items if required. 

Submit pre-qualification information and manage extended profile detail for the buyer to see.

Advertising Platform

Online business directory with multiple search options.

Example: If you sell widgets with part No. W123 - anyone can find you by searching that part number or partial part number to list your company in the results. They can also search by brand name, the material group as well as other search options.

With any paid registration days your business profile is automatically listed in the business directory.

You will be notified when any buyer lists a requirement that you sell.

Customisable Profile Site

You have control of how you want your site to look including the content of the tabs.

Linking your profile provides an automatic feed of all buyer's requirements directly to you.  

Customisable profile options allow you to create your own mini-site in your colours and your branding. 

Contact us to help get you set up and promote your business within minutes.

Online Catalogues.

Upload your catalogue.  All item detail searchable by directory users and in all buyer accounts.   

Quickly publish and manage your online listings and images through an easy-to-use interface. 

Anyone searching the Business Directory can search by your part number, product codes, brand names and descriptions. 

Buyers have access to search and recommended suppliers in their account.  

Participating Buying organisations

All buying organisations are listed in the Quotes / Tenders pages and are continually publishing requirements and tenders.
In the Quotes / Tenders page, use the pull down menus to view lists or search individual items in the search pages. 
Use the RFQ and Tenders item search pages to search for specific items.
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