Looking to reduce your procurement spend and improve supplier engagement?
Suppliers, looking to improve your turn over and new opportunities? 

Powering Procurement

Web based procurement application integrated with your ERP system and supplier network. By enhancing your ERP capability we simplify the procurement cycle and connect all suppliers with your requirements. Or stand alone online procurement system connected to the supplier network

Providing suppliers with new opportunities to present their products and services.  Resulting in automated market analysis and transparency of spend. 

Enhanced Visibility

An integrated procurement application providing an efficient supplier interface to your ERP.
All ERP or any requirement listed to open market in a controlled format for price and detail submission. Comprehensive business portal enabling buyers to connect with suppliers with complete transparency of market pricing and supplier capabilities. 
High volume and value spend managed with transparency and simplicity.

Online quoting for everyday requirements

Continuous, automated quote compiling and price surveillance. Suppliers can, on a continuous basis submit prices on any buyer’s requirements. 

Transactional tendering system to create and manage contracts

Creating and managing stock, non-stock and service item price agreements. Simplified contract creation and management. 

Integrated Supplier Business Directory

A self managed marketing directory that is connected to the buyers systems for automatic location of suppliers and general directory searching. 

Buying Organisations

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A unique solution from people with the experience. Our solution is designed to be accessible and scalable to any organisation wanting to enter into e-procurement at a fraction of the cost of exisiting systems. Automated e-cost optimisation of your ERP features will automatically send your requirements directly to your suppliers. No need to work around an ERP, suppliers have direct visibility of your list of requirements in their account.
We believe in genuine, lasting relationships. Your teams will be dealing directly with people that understand the business and who are genuinely interested in improving your operations. Not only will you be working with a solution to enhance your procurement, we will also be working with you providing our business experience and a personal commitment to improve your procurement process..
Business change management is also our specialty. Implementing any system to a business requires deft handling and good planning. We have change management plans and strategies ready for the process of implementing an e-procurement system into your business. Being an integrated web application, our solution is fast to set up with account creation in seconds and potential to access the market for analysis on your items within minutes. Having two options with the ability to e-cost optimise any ERP to a stand alone e-procurement and work flow system, we can set you up with no business interruption. Also zero business interruption for your suppliers with the added value of time optimising to their benefit..
Included are detailed procurement and contract documentation templates for system and business use. We can provide all documents to enhance exisiting process or work with you to establish new documents and contracts. Or we will also assist in automating your existing documents to a single source interface. Keep the documents updated and in single point of reference for all suppliers.
The application provides a window for all buyers to automatically publish their requirements directly to the supplier base. Suppliers have ability to search and view your needs and quote against any item. All quoting is performed in controlled forms which allows automated compiling of submission into a format for easy evaluation.
Streamline the tendering process – MAKE A DIFFERENCE Tendering is a common and structured process that has been automated in recent years with mixed results. The reason for the mixed results is most systems focus on an automated control of the process and not on creating transparency and an effective interface with the suppliers and the buyer. It does not matter if 1 or 1000 tenders are required for your operations, using SBConnect provides the ability to build transactions, structure tender documents, link tender items and build the questionnaires for a specific tender in minutes rather than hours. The assessment and evaluation of supplier responses - viewing their documents, questionnaires responses and costs is simple and provides all the information to make an informed decision. When creating your tender you can import tender items, which could be labor, materials, services, equipment etc. from excel that will automatically populate the tender item tables. Building questionnaires is a breeze with the ability to duplicate and edit the library of questions. Once you create a Transaction [for provision of equipment, good or services] its there for use in future use. Complete control and justification for award with recommendation reports and tender award committee approval steps.
The Business Directory creates an integrated supplier base that is connected directly to your requirements. The directory allows the supplier to link and define their profile that will be searched by the application based on your requirements. In addition to this, the directory is an open market business directory allowing the supplier to showcase their business with catalogues, documents, special offer links and more.


Registered suppliers are automatically listed in the business advertising platform. 
The directory is integrated with the buying companies so supplier products and services are being identified as soon as the buyer creates a request.

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Your profile in the system is your marketing edge for developing new business with current buyers or creating new opportunities in areas not previously possible. Your completed profile engages all buyers and also any visitor using the Business Directory.
Your business profile, catalogues, and supporting documents form your advertising profile and is automatically accessible to buyers. Your profile is connected to the buyers so you are immediately advertising to anyone with requirements or looking for products or services you sell. Being able to quote on any buyer requirements promotes your products and profile directly into the procurement evaluation.
Once set up, your profile question set and documents allow potential buyers to easily assess your capability to qualify for contracts or new business. In addition to the directory profile, buying organisations have specific access to your extended profile detail allowing them to review and engage you as required.
In addition to the standard set of documents you can publish Special Offer documents allowing you to publish and automatically notify companies watching your special offers.
If you have the capability and can qualify, there is no need to be an approved or preferred supplier to submit pricing to any or all published requirements. Registration with buyers allows you complete access to view requirements and submit pricing and detail for inclusion in every evaluation. Quoiting is easy and your submissions are saved for future quoting on the same items to increase the speed of the process of quoting.
Again, if you have the capability and can qualify, there is no more need to be an approved or preferred supplier to submit tender pricing to an open published transaction. Registration with buyers allows you complete access to view requirements and submit pricing and detail for inclusion.

Participating Buying organisations

All buying organisations are listed in the Quotes / Tenders pages and are continually publishing requirements and tenders for products or services. 

Choose the pull down menus to view lists or search individual items in the search pages. 

Use the RFQ and Tenders item search pages to search for specific items.
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